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RecruitingDash's Free TBE Career Center Readiness Assessment

Let RecruitingDash complete a complimentary review of your existing TBE Career Website so we can present you with the best strategy for rolling out TBE Career Center. If TBE Career Center is not configured with the right strategy for your organization, you won't be happy with the results.

Steps in the Free TBE Career Center Readiness Assessment

We only need 10 minutes of your time to get started! The whole process only takes 7 days.

Preliminary Discovery Call

This is a quick 10 minute call to introduce you to the TBE Career Center capabilities, discuss any known issues with your existing Taleo Career Website, understand your goals (and the talent you recruit), share our methodology, and schedule the Career Website Walkthrough.

Comprehensive Existing Taleo Career Website Review

Our goal is to help you generate the most applicants (both mobile and non-mobile) possible from your TBE career website. So one of our experienced Taleo Career Website consultants evaluates your existing Taleo Career Website, all the way from "job search" to "submitting the application." Of course, they take detailed screen shots along the way to provide you with a comprehensive set of recommendations for how best to implement TBE Career Center, and also how to generate more applicants from your existing Taleo Career Website.

Career Website Walk Through

In this step, we walk you and your team through the list of industry leading TBE career website recommendations, and show you, live in your Taleo System how to generate the most applicants. This includes a comprehensive plan for implementing TBE Career Center in a best-practice way.

Next Steps / Implementation

Now that you are armed with a comprehensive list of best practice TBE Career Website options, you should select the set of TBE Career Center and other Career Website configurations that will most benefit your organization. You then need to decide whether to:

  1. Implement the recommendations yourself.
  2. Hire RecruitingDash to implement the changes (we hope to amaze you, after all!)
  3. Pick and choose a combination of the two.
  4. Do nothing at all.

Update your Taleo Career Website to TBE Career Center.

21 days from now you could be generating 25-50% more candidates!

Expert consulting, no strings attached. We promise.

We have a crack team of Taleo Career Website experts that evaluate your existing career website and come up with recommendations. This is truly high quality, no obligation consulting. Most RecruitingDash clients say they can't believe we provide such a comprehensive assessment for FREE. Once you receive your assessment and list of recommendations, you may hire RecruitingDash to do the work, or do the work yourself. Of course, we hope to amaze you with our Taleo skills and knowledge and hope that you'll choose us...

Success Starts With a Comprehensive Review of Your Existing Taleo Career Website

It's like a Report Card for your existing TBE Career Website, complete with action items and a list of required configurations for delivering the most applicants. We give you practical, real-world best practice recommendations detailing every change required on your job search, job search results, job description, and online candidate application.

Easy to Get Started... and Fast Results!

Just say the word, and we'll evaluate your existing TBE Career Website. We do not need access to your TBE system to do the assessment. We are generally ready to present your customized and detailed report to you in just a few days.

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Career Center Readiness Assessment

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What is a Complimentary TBE Career Center Readiness Assessment?

We will assess your existing TBE Career website, evaluating your Taleo Career Center readiness and then provide you with a customized, no-strings attached report card, complete with annotations of your existing career site. This complimentary assessment will show you how to configure your existing Taleo career website to take advantage of the TBE Career Center technology and generate more applicants for all of your open requisitions.

Is this truly free? What's the catch?

There is no catch. We promise. We do hope to amaze you with our Taleo Business Edition and TBE Career Center expertise, but there is no obligation.

We know you are busy and don't have a lot of time...

Relax. RecruitingDash does all the work, and then we present the results to you.
  • Once you complete the form to the left, we'll immediately schedule an hour meeting with you 7-10 days from now where we will present the final TBE Career Center Readiness Assessment Report Card to you.
  • Then one of our TBE Consultants will do the comprehensive TBE Career Center Readiness Assessment. The assessment is like getting free consulting: it takes 4-5 hours for our team to prepare, and includes annotated screen shots of your existing Taleo career website, completely marked up to show you all the best practices you should adopt.
  • We will then share and explain all of our findings and recommendations, including a customized business case for implementing TBE Career Center and a comprehensive detailed report to share with your team.